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HelpDesk for JIRA is a simple user interface for the most popular user actions: create, view, edit and comment issues. All HelpDesk's interfaces are friendly and familiar because they are looked like common Jira interfaces.

The plugin provides the best way to do support for thousands external or internal users because they don't need a Jira login permission (like jira-users members). So, you should have to Jira license just for your support team (aka agents). There is a polite license policy for support needs. Let's see the User's Guide to learn basic functions.
Also, look more about differences between HelpDesk for Jira and Service Desk for Jira.

Previous version documentation

Release Notes of Latest Version

Release Summary

Support Jira 8.0.x

New features


Fixed Bugs

  • comment templates functionality and permissions fixed up
  • similar summary issues search on the portal fixed up
  • login link enabled in the created issue notification
  • 'create issue from comment' functionality fixed up
  • 'enable customer portal' functionality fixed up
  • confluence space selection for the HelpDesk configuration fixed up
  • similar issues search exclusions functionality fixed up
  • HelpDesk issue default priority assignment fixed up
  • Attachments section disappearance eliminated when an attachment is downloaded
  • issue linking from the quick view menu fixed up
  • minor bugfixes

Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution

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