At first, the Calendar application should be added to your Jira. Read how to find, add and manage the Cloud apps (Atlassian documentation).

When the app is installed:

  • the user section becomes available (Apps → Calendar)
  • the global settings become available (Jira Settings → Apps → Teamlead Calendar)
  • two custom fields of the Date Time Picker type are created: Start Date & End Date
  • the Calendar gadget becomes available on dashboards

Calendar objects and concepts

(star) The app allows users to create such objects as calendars and switch between them in the user section interface. A user can only browse one calendar at time.

(blue star) Each calendar displays a scope of issues and events – issues come from Jira projects while an event belongs to a particular calendar in which it was created.

(red star) Each calendar requires 2 date-time parameters that will be treated as issue/event start and end marks. A planned issue is one that has both dates specified. Issues that meet the calendar scope but have one or both relevant date-time fields empty are considered unplanned and can be found in the Unplanned Issues section of this calendar.