• Name
  • Color of the issue cards and text within
  • Scope of issues to be displayed within the calendar:
    • all issues of the particular project
    • issues by the existing filter
    • issues that meet the JQL-condition

A user can only have access to those issues he/she has access in Jira (according to their permissions: Browse Project & issue security level).


  • The default view will be displayed when switching to this calendar.
  • The time frame that will be displayed for the Week and Day views.

  • The first day of the week – this day will be displayed first for the Week views.
  • Start & End date – the fields that will be teated by the calendar as event start and finish time. Only the issues with both these dates specified will be displayed within the calendar.
  • Issue card information and Issue preview information – the fields to be displayed at the issue block and on a pop-up.