Feature Overview

With this feature, you can share your schedule and plans with your customers. There is one calendar in the Service Desk portal. It includes the service-desk issues:

  • where the customer is a Reporter,
  • where the customer is a Request Participant,
  • where the customer is in Organization, with which the issue is shared.

Let your customers know the planned timeframes for their requests!

Setting Up

Navigate to JIRA Administration →  Manage Apps → Calendar.

 Use the GG hotkey and the app name to jump straight to app settings from any place in Jira

Step descriptionScreenshot
1Define default Start and Finish dates fields. Don't forget to add them to appropriate screens in Service desk projects.


In a Service Desk configuration section, you can configure:

  1. Layout for calendar events.
  2. Legend for requests.

(warning) Customers can only view fields they have permission to.


Admin can customize the event's color according to any JQL to do that in a Service Desk configuration section open Card colors section.

In a pop-up window you can define:

  1. Default colors for all events.
  2. Specify color according to any JQL.