Catalog for Jira – think outside the issues

Almost everything in Jira can be stored as an issue: sales, vacations, even items, and personal notes! However, not every entity really needs a separate project and a workflow. Catalog for Jira is a great solution for storing the cross-project lists of different entities right in your Jira. Each directory entry can be extended to a comprehensive card with various parameters. Create and manage directories, link the entities with Jira issues through the provided custom field. Check the Use Cases & Ideas below!

Key Highlights

Keep all information inside your Jira

Store all information inside your Jira (no connectors required): the cross-project list of catalog directories is always in one click – on the upper panel of Jira.

Link a Catalog entry with an issue

Create custom select lists and extend list options with various parameters. Select an entry from the list and click on the link to browse the entry parameters.

Use regular JQL for search

Use basic or advanced search to find the issues linked to a particular catalog entry. All select list-related queries are available.

Use Cases & Ideas

Use instead of usual select lists, allow regular users to manage options

It's not always convenient to ask your Jira Administrator to make corrections in the Select List options. Especially, if your options have to be changed on a regular basis.

Allow the group of regular users to manage the list of options.

Allow Customers to select from the catalog and track the li

Catalog view

Service Desk request creation view

Agent's view

Set a definition of the abstract parameters in Jira issues

Do you have the values that users cannot select easily?

Use the Catalog to allow users to check a definition in one click.

Link catalog entries not only with Jira issues but with each other

What to keep in the Catalog?

You can keep almost everything in the Catalog:

  • products & services
  • geo-references
  • terms & definitions
  • HR-information
  • ...

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