Structure Overview

Catalog consists of directories, each one to be filled with entries with the same parameters applicable. Basically, you can define a directory by listing all the parameters relevant to all the entries that can be added to it. For example, the Employees directory consists of Employee entries, each of which has the same params applicable (like Name, Job Title, Hourly Rate, Status) but variable parameters' values.

John: Developer; 50$; Senior; Onboard
Lena: HR Manager; 28$; –; Onboard
Samuel: Tester; 30$; Junior; Probation

You can create directories and define which attributes its entries should contain. Users later will create particular entries and specify values for those attributes.

Managing Directories

There are no directories set up by default after the Catalog for Jira installations. To add one navigate to Jira Administration → Catalog → Directories Setup section:

Create a directory by adding its name:

Create tabs for a directory entry:

Create as many attributes as you need and specify:

  • an attribute name (unique within a directory)
  • an attribute type (different types allow different data input, validators and search options. Read more below)
  • a tab the attribute to be displayed on
  • an attribute displaying in the grid (directory) view.
  • attribute properties (each attribute has the – attribute-specific and common).

There are several properties available almost for each attribute type.

  • Restrict duplicates – if checked, a user won't be able to save the non-unique (within the directory) value in the attribute.
  • From creation – if checked, a user won't be able to change the attribute value after entry creation.
  • Is read-only – if checked, a user won't be able to change the attribute value anymore.
  • Width – the attribute width in pixels (you can make the attribute wider or shorter depending on assumed value length).

Available attribute types

There are several predefined types of attributes.

Attribute typeSettingsEntry ViewGrid ViewSortingFiltering Principle 

String (255)

A text field is an input that allows a user to write or edit text.

Single-line, up to 255 characters.

can be made mandatory





An attribute to store a natural number (0, 1, 2, 3,...). Contains validation of the input.

can be made mandatory





An attribute to select a date from the calendar.

can be made mandatory

sameby absolute time



Gives users the ability to make a single selection from a number of options (entries of the particular directory).

  • can be made mandatory
  • a Directory selection is mandatory for this attribute type when creating


contains (multi-select from values)

Directory Attribute

A read-only attribute that automatically fetches a parameter from a linked directory entry. You should set the Directory attribute first to be able to select an entry the parameter will be fetched from.

  • Linked Directory – select an attribute of the Directory type that is available for the current directory.
  • Linked Directory Attribute – select an attribute to be fetched from the selected entry.


Multi Directory Items

An attribute that provides users the ability to link other directory entries (multiple) to the current entry.

  • can be made mandatory
  • Directory
 – select a directory which entries should be available for linking.

samealphabetically (by first value)contains (multi-select from values)

Jira User

An attribute that allows a user to link an entry with one or multiple Jira users.

  • can be made mandatory
  • Set current user by default – if selected, the entry creator will be selected in the field by default.

samealphabetically (by first value)contains


An attribute to specify the presence or absence of a particular parameter or compliance with a particular requirement that works as a True/False mechanism.

no specific settings

samealphabetically (True/False)

(considering True/False options)

List of Values

An attribute that allows users to select a single option from a dropdown list to complete the field

  • can be made mandatory
  • Field Values – options

samealphabeticallycontains (multi-select from values)