Latest (1.1.1)

Data Center compatibility added.

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Initial release


Fixed Bugs

  • The attribute type cannot be changed after creation anymore to avoid any inconsistency in the existing data
  • Error message for an absent page was added
  • The directory name attribute was made mandatory
  • Title attribute default field size was adjusted
  • Catalog Select custom field: minor design improvements
  • The directory title 'required' option cannot now be unchecked
  • The irrelevant error message in the Catalog Select customer field was eliminated
  • the system attribute cannot now be deleted
  • Minor bugfixes


New Features


  • An entry created via the Catalog Select (single) custom field to be automatically selected in the field
  • A hint added for the Catalog Select (single) custom field that a user should start typing to get the list of relevant options.
  • A selected directory is now highlighted in the list of directories.

Fixed Bugs

  • Catalog doesn't affect the Look&Feel section in Jira administration anymore.


Data Center compatibility added.