The ability to export data from directories depends on user permissions. If you cannot export data please contact your Jira Administrator.

You can export data from the Catalog, separately for each directory. The data will be exported as a .csv file and will be available through Excel. You can export the particular entries or all the directory entries.

Navigate to the directory and select the entries you want to export by ticking the relevant checkboxes (you can select all entries if required).

Push the Export button and confirm the start of the export process. It may take time if you have many entries and export them all.

All attributes will be exported in the table and additional (hidden in Catalog view) row "Updated" will be shown with date and time of last updates of each element.

To open a .csv file in Excel create a blanc excel workbook and Import the file there. Use the same encoding and separator that are selected in your CRM export/import settings.