Field Overview

The Catalog Select (single) is a custom field provided by the app. It allows users to link an issue with a catalog entry in a simple and convenient way – like with the standard Select List field.

Working with the field within an issue

Link an issue and the catalog entry

All Jira users can browse & select a value (entry title) in the field. If the user doesn't have any permissions within Catalog, the Catalog Select (single) field looks just like the standard Jira Select List (Single) for them.

Browse and edit the linked entry

The ability to open the link and browse the entry is granted by the permissions. If you have the 'Edit Entries' permissions as well, you will be able not only to browse but also to edit the information.

When the field is not active it's being displayed as a link. Go tho the link to browse and edit the entry information within the pop-up.

Add a new entry 

The ability to add an entry is provided by the relevant permission. If you cannot add an entry please contact your Jira Administrator.

If you cannot find a required entry while selecting from custom field options, you can create a new entry right from the issue. (warning) Note that the ability to create a new entry appears only when the field is active.

Working with the field within an issue navigator – browse, sort, filter, use JQL

You can show the field as a column in the Issue Navigator to sort and filter the list of issues by it. The Catalog Select (single) fields support all the select-list-relevant JQL methods.

Field Setting Up

Add a custom field and put it to the relevant screens. Check how to Add a custom field (Atlassian Documentation).

Configure the custom field.

Field configuration includes selecting the source catalog directory from the full list of available directories. Selecting a directory means the entries' titles will be used as the field options.

All new-created entries from the selected directory will be automatically added as the field options. However, if you created the field when there were already some entries in the directory, use the Import button to fetch them.