There are no directories set up after the Catalog for Jira installations. A user with the Jira administrator permissions can add new directories in the Jira Administration → Catalog → Directories Setup section:

How to add a directory

Create a directory by adding its name:

How to manage the directory attributes (entry parameters)

In this section we will learn how to create an entry structure – something like this:

Click the Fields button to set up a directory entry structure. By default, there is one tab and one system (key) attribute auto-populated for each new directory.

The system attribute is always in text format, it's unique within the directory. This attribute's values will be shown in the Catalog Select custom field as the field options.

Add new attributes, specifying their title, type and selecting the tab they should be displayed on. Each attribute has properties – attribute-specific and common.

Available attribute types

Common Attribute Properties

There are several properties available almost for each attribute type.

  • Restrict duplicates – if checked, a user won't be able to save the non-unique (within the directory) value in the attribute.
  • From creation – if checked, a user won't be able to change the attribute value after entry creation.
  • Is read-only – if checked, a user won't be able to change the attribute value anymore.
  • Width – the attribute width in pixels (you can make the attribute wider or shorter depending on assumed value length).