This read-only attribute allows users to browse the linked Catalog entries within a Catalog entry. (Entries manual linking can be achieved using the Directory or Multi Directory Items attributes).

Attribute Settings

  • Linked Directory – a directory which entries you'd like to display.
  • Linked via attribute(s) – select an attribute to display only the entries linked via these particular attributes. Leave empty to display the entries linked via all relevant attributes.
  • Display as – select a view of linked entries displaying. Two view modes are available: Table view and Total entries count view.
  • Entries per page – this parameter defines the pagination rules in case of the Table view.
  • Columns to display – this parameter defines which attributes will be displayed as columns in case of the Table view.

Examples of use

Case 1. One to many

Link via: Directory attribute

We have the Employees directory and would like to set up Manager-Subordinates relationship between employees. We use the Directory attribute to select a manager for an employee and the Linked Catalog Entries attribute to display all the subordinates of an employee.

Case 2. Many to many

Link via: Multi Directory Items attribute

We have a kindergarten database and would like to keep information about children and their parents. We have two relevant directories – Children and Parents. Each child has one or more parents, each parent has one or more children. We use the Multi Directory Items attribute to select the parent in a child entry and the Linked Catalog Entries attribute to display all children in a parent entry.