Linking issues with Catalog objects is a great chance to enrich issues with information or enrich a Catalog entry on the other hand. There are two ways to link Catalog objects to issues within issues:

  • using the web-panel
  • via the custom field

The custom field and section are synchronized and both allow you to select an object from a related Catalog directory.

Two types of fields are available:

  • single selection from a directory
  • multi-selection from a directory

A Jira admin can create as many fields as required and restrict them to particular projects.

Link a Catalog object with an issue

You may meet the Catalog custom fields on any screen your admins put it. Also, you can link an object using the web-panel on the right side of an issue. Both opinions work like a standard Select List field that allows you to link an issue with a catalog object in a familiar and convenient way.

Open, edit and unlink an object

Linked objects are accessible on the web-panel to the right in an issue. Here you can not only link an object but also unlink it (the Clear button), open the car to browse and edit the object information according to your permissions.

Searching for issues linked to an object

You can search and filter issues by linked Catalog objects using the same methods as for regular Select Lists in both – Basic and Advanced – modes.

Also, the linked issues can be displayed within the Catalog, you can search and filter the entries by the linked issues. Read more: Filtering, Sorting & Searching For Entries