An attribute in CRM entry is almost the same as a field in a Jira issue. The combination of attributes applies to each entry within one directory. Attributes may look different and have specific input types. Add them in different combinations to structure the templates according to your business needs.



This attribute allows users to provide information as free-form text (single line).



This is an attribute to provide date information using a calendar selection to complete the field.



This attribute allows users to provide numerical information.



This is an attribute to store email-address (mailto: format). It will allow opening a default mail client by click to send a mail to the specified address.


This is an attribute to specify the clickable link to a website. It consists of two fields in the edit mode:

  • the link itself
  • the alt text for the link



This is an attribute to specify the presence or absence of a particular parameter or compliance with a particular requirement that works as a True/False or a Yes/No mechanism.



An attribute that allows linking the current entry with the particular objects of a Custom Directory.

There are different working principles according to the type of directory:

1. List. Selecting a list-type directory as a reference you will get a select-list attribute in an entry.

2. Table List. Selecting a table-type directory as a reference you will get a table within an entry, where a user can add new values. The related directory itself will accumulate the values from all entries.


Jira User

This is an attribute for linking Contacts & Jira users. It is only available in the Contacts directory configuration and provides the list of Jira users to select.


CRM Company

An attribute that provides the list of CRM companies to select from. (info) Note that contact can only be linked to one company.


CRM Contacts

A read-only attribute that should be added to the Company card. It is only available in the Companies directory configuration and displays all contacts linked to the company.


Linked Issues

An attribute that displays the list of issues linked with the current entry. This attribute is clickable and directs a user to the list of linked issues in the Issue Navigator.