Directories - this is a list of directories that you can configure according to your needs:

  1. List. Allows adding a listing field to Company/Contact card.

  2. Table List. Allows adding a table to Company/Contact card.

After creation you can use a directory as an advanced field type for your Company and Contacts cards.

The feature is in development, and we could change it in a short term period.

Directory creation

By default, the directory would be created as a Table list, but you can change the type to List by clicking checkbox - Create as a list. Also, you can create it as a multiple-chose list. After creation, you can easily configure it.

Directory configuration

Table List

It is necessary to define fields for a table list directory: click to the Cog icon, then you can add Tab and after you can add fields for this tab. For now, an available limited number of field types: number, text, check-box, link, date, string.

If you open a Table list directory, you see all values added in a directory for all companies. (warning) Users can add new values into this directory via Company/Contact card only, it is impossible to use existing ones.


The list field type is almost pre-configured, but anyway you can reconfigure it. (warning) You need to define the values available for a chose in a Company/Contact card.

Creation of new values