At first, the CRM application should be added to your Jira. Read how to find, add and manage the Cloud apps (Atlassian documentation).

The app should be configured in advance, the CRM app settings are located at Jira Administration → Apps → Teamlead CRM and are accessible for a user with Jira Admin rights.

User Types

Speaking of rights in the context of CRM using, there are 2 main user types working with the application:

  • Jira Admin – configures the app, manages issues & workflows, defines the CRM access. Check the Admin's Guide to figure out how to set up the CRM and handle the particular use cases.
  • Others – regular Jira users who work with CRM entries directly in the CRM or within the issues. Check the User Guide to have an idea of CRM functionality for regular users.

The app provides some default settings – they described in the relevant sections of current documentation.

As a Jira Administrator, review the predefined settings and change them if required.

Issues could be linked with companies automatically or manually, depends on your settings.