It might be suitable to keep information about your Jira users in CRM: they could be your employees or customers. Also, the synchronization allows to automatically define a Company of an issue Reporter via synchronized CRM contact.

A Jira user can be linked to a CRM Contact via the Jira User attribute.

Case 1. Manual linking

If the list of users and CRM contacts are filled separately or don't need to be completely synchronized, you can manually define which contacts should be linked to Jia users.

Link a contact to a user by selecting this user in the Jira User attribute.

Case 2. Auto-creating CRM contacts to all existing Jira Users

This option may be suitable if you want to create CRM contacts to existing Jira users (or if you updated the list of Jir users an want to align the CRM contacts)

The single-time procedure of creating CRM contacts for all existing Jira users is available in CRM Settings → Sync Jira Users.

The process of synchronization will check if there are Jira Users with no linked CRM Contacts. For each of these users, a CRM Contact entry will be created. Note that only the Jira User attribute will be filled for such entries, all other attributes to be specified afterward.

The process of synchronization may take some time.

Due to API limitations up to 1000 users can be synchronized at one time. The synchronization process can be repeated several times.