Linking Modes

The CRM app provides a CRM web-section and an additional Company custom field (read below). There are two modes of populating their values:

  • Auto-populating by Reporter (by default). In this case, CRM Contacts should be linked to Jira users (read Linking CRM Contacts & Jira Users).
  • Manual selecting. In case you want to link an issue to a CRM company by your own rules.

Navigate to CRM Settings → Company Autocomplete to check these settings. We do not recommend to switch several times in case you already have some CRM data in issues.

CRM Web-Section

The section displays the CRM company that can be populated according to the selected mode.

In case of auto-population, the section displays a company related to Reporter: the system checks the relevant parameter of the linked CRM contact. A manual change of the company here will affect the CRM contact card.

In case there is no required company, you can create a new one and link it to the Reporter by typing its name:

CRM Company Custom Field

Once you've installed CRM for JIRA Cloud, the custom field "Company" to be created automatically in Custom fields (JIRA administration → Issues → Custom fields). This field is synchronized with the web-section in both directions and allows you some extra manipulations you cannot achieve with the web-section, for instance:

  • to use jql-functions to search issues related to the particular CRM Companies
  • to work with companies on add/transitions screens (where you just cannot access the web-section) in case of manual company population
  • to use bulk operations
  • to use post-functions
  • to use gadgets/reports

Note that the field is only updated upon:

  • issue creation
  • Reporter change

If the Reporter's company changes within CRM, the relevant issues won't be affected.