Linking Modes

The CRM app provides a CRM web-section and an additional Company custom field (read below). There are two modes of populating their values:

  • Auto-populating by Reporter (by default). In this case, CRM Contacts should be linked to Jira users (read Linking CRM Contacts & Jira Users).
  • Manual selecting. In case you want to link an issue to a CRM company by your own rules.

Navigate to CRM Settings → Company Autocomplete to check these settings. We do not recommend to switch several times in case you already have some CRM data in issues.

CRM Web-Section

The section displays the CRM company that can be populated according to the selected mode.

In case of auto-population, the section displays a company related to Reporter: the system checks the relevant parameter of the linked CRM contact. A manual change of the company here will affect the CRM contact card.

In case there is no required company, you can create a new one and link it to the Reporter by typing its name:

Company Field

The Company field also displays the same information. It can be used for JQL-search purposes and various reports.

Note that the field is only updated upon:

  • issue creation
  • Reporter change

If the Reporter's company changes within CRM, the relevant issues won't be affected.

Once you've installed CRM for JIRA Cloud, the custom field "Company" to be created automatically in Custom fields (JIRA administration → Issues → Custom fields). You can put it on screens in case if you want to browse information about the reporter's company in the custom field.