What kind of reports you can get using CRM and basic Jira functionality? Following are several examples.

My active sales

Use the standard Assigned to me gadget to display our current sales on a dashboard. Set unresolved sales as the scope of issues and add set up displaying of fields like Customer, Revenue, Probability, etc.

Average time in the funnel stages

Use the standard Average time in status gadget to see how much time in average your sales spent in each status (=funnel stage).

Popular sales types

Use the standard Heat map gadget to browse the most popular categories of your sales. Chose labels in case you don't have the defined list of categories. The labels field allows you to tag your sales as you need.

Lost sales reasons

Use the standard Pie chart gadget to browse the most typical reasons for losing sales. Select the lost sales as the scope and Resolution as a target field.

Sales and managers

Use the standard Two-dimensional filter statistics gadget to browse the statistics of your sales distribution between managers. Select our sales as the scope of issues, sale stages as the X-axis and assignees as the Y-axis.