Each directory can be configured according to your needs. The basic configuration principles are the same for all type of directories:

  • add and set up attributes – those are parameters of entry, like name, type, etc.
  • place attributes within the entry: change their order and distribute them between tabs (also configurable)


Navigate to Settings → Tabs & Fields and select a directory you are setting up.

Manage tabs:

  • add a new tab
  • order tabs by drag-and-drop
  • delete a tab
    (info) You will not be able to delete a tab if it contains attributes. Delete the relevant attribute or change their placing in advance.

Manage attributes:

  • add a new attribute:
    • specify the name
    • select a type of attribute (read more about attribute types: Attribute Types)
    • define a tab
      (info) You can change the existing attribute name and tab – just click on them!
  • order attributes by drag-and-drop
  • delete an attribute

Select which attribute should be treated as TITLE

Values of the attribute marked as Title will be available as options if you set up a selection from this directory within issues: