• New view for the Companies and Contacts directories.
  • Bulk deletion for entries is now available.
  • A direct link for an entry is now available:


CRM section performance improvement. The "Linked Issues" attribute now stores data instead of calculating.

"Issue Group Statistics" gadget minor improvements.


  • Improved connection security
    • HSTS included
    • TLS version 1.2 is now used


Improvements in CRM section in issue:

  • Now it is possible to open a Company card directly in the CRM issue section.
  • The company field value can be cleared in the case when field autocomplete is disabled. 
  • Minor UI improvements.


  • A new attribute type Linked Issues that displays issues linked o the particular company. The attribute allows navigating quickly to those issues.
  • A new dashboard gadget to display various sales statistics.

  1. Availability to add values in a "List field" during the creation of new records in directories.
  2. Manual link issues to a Company. 
  3. Sync values in company directory with "Company" custom field. 
  4. Bug fixes.

  1. Availability to create links between directories.
  2. Sync between Custom company field and company catalog.
  3. Availability to rename the company's value and Custom directory names.
  4. Improvements in the search in a companies catalog.   
  5. Bug fixes.

  1. New field types: List and Table list.
  2. Bug fixes.

With the new fields, you can gather information about your Companies and customers in a more structured way. 

  1. You can classify roles, segments, etc.
  2. Additionally, you can add more complex information in the form of a table: deliverables, software versions, etc.



  1. IU improvements.
  2. Bug fixes.



  1. New field types.
  2. IU improvements.
  3. Bug fixes.

New field types

We added new popular field types such as:

  1. Date.
  2. Link.
  3. E-mail.
  4. Checkbox.



New UI

SETTINGS (Admin menu)

We've unified configuration of Companies and Contacts on the one Tab.


We've updated UI of Companies and Contacts view. Now you can enjoy a new fresh look.