This feature allows users to send emails to selected contacts from CRM Contacts Directory. The functionality works with the Main Email type of attribute.

Give access

First give access to e-mailing to JIRA groups in CRM Administrator menu / Access:

If no group is selected nobody will have rights to send e-mails to contacts directly from CRM Contacts Directory.

SMTP Settings

In CRM Administrator menu / Direct mail set your mail configuration:

Notify if someone is unsubscribing - is the field for e-mail address where notifications will be sent when contact from the list unsubscribes.

Select Contacts

The user who has access to direct mail will see "Direct Mail" button after selecting one or more contacts from directory:


After pressing "Direct Mail" button the dialog appears where you can select from two types of validation of E-mail addresses: Full and Quick.

Quick validation skips addresses which already have been validated with a previous full validation and runs a full validation for others.
Full validation takes more time and checks E-mail address not only against correct spelling with regular expressions but also checks the existance of the E-mail box with the address.
It is performed via MX domains checking and sending MAIL FROM commands via telnet.

In CRM Administrator menu / Contacts you can add attribute "E-mail is valid" where the results of last validation will be put:

Message Form

After validation fill in the form of message to be sent and press "Send E-mails":


Unsubscribe link is added to every message automatically for contacts can decline receiving further direct mail messages.

To see which contacts had unsubscribe you can add Contact's attribute "No subscribe me" in CRM Administrator menu / Contacts: