This tiny app allows you to browse the following information within the EpicTime expandable web-section in an issue:

  • Epic Estimate – estimated Epic time; for your convenience this standard parameter is displayed not only within Epic entry, but also in all child issues.

  • Epic Time Spent – logged time of the Epic, summing up the work logs of the Epic itself and the work logs of the Epic's child issues.

  • Epic Remaining – remaining (or overrun) time of the Epic.

  • Epic Ratio – the percentage of spent time to the Epic estimated time.

  • Epic Key – the issue key of the Epic (link to the Epic).

How it works

In an issue of the Epic type, the app aggregates time logged in the Epic itself and in all its child issues to the Epic Time Spent field and auto-populate the Epic Remaining and Epic Ratio (percentage of the spent time to the estimated time) fields in accordance.

In an issue of another type (the issue type doesn't matter in this case), the fields display information from the parent Epic.

EpicTime web-section view

The EpicTime section settings (see the Admin's Guide) allow to place the section in the left of in the right block.

If the EpicTime section placed in the left block in your case, click at  and select the EpicTime section to be shown in an issue. You can hide it if required: just select this option from the section available options.

If the EpicTime section placed in the right block in your case, no extra actions required – the section will be displayed automatically:

 Example of the EpicTime section displaying in the right block

Show the EpicTime section in the left block

Hide the EpicTime section displayed in the left block

The content of the section may appear the following ways according to the conditions described below:

This is the view of the collapsed EpicTime web-section. Click at the arrow sign to expand it.

One of the following views to be displayed.

This is the view of the expanded EpicTime web-section for an Epic or for an issue included in Epic.

This is the view of the expanded EpicTime web-section for an Epic with no estimated time specified.

This is the view of the expanded EpicTime web-section for an issue that is not included in an Epic.

Fields Color Scheme

The system colours the fields in accordance to the time remaining related to the original estimation as following:

  • 0-30% – green
  • 31-100% – yellow
  • > 100% – red

Getting a Report

There are two reports provided by EpicTime app functionality:

General Report

The general report allows you to browse the information for all (or several) Epics you have access to – including the EpicTime information. 

  1. Navigate to the Jira home page \ EpicTime section.
  2. Select one or more boards (projects).
  3. Select one or several Epics of the selected projects.
  4. Push the Get Report button.

Don't select too much information to be displayed at once – data fetching may take much time.

The timeout for the report generation is set to 1 hour.

The report shows the list of the selected Epic's with EpicTime and other fields information.

Here you can easily find the epics with the estimated time been overrun or define the order of epics to work with according their remaining time.

Sort the entries by any column by clicking the column name.

Quick Filters & Report Details

Use the quick filters to switch between UnresolvedResolved and All issues.

Search a particular issue or project by name in case your report is too huge.

Expand and collapse the report Details panel:

  • Date and time the report was generated
  • The Information requested

Report Updating

The generated report is cached and not being updated automatically – you can get back to it any time.

If you don't need to keep this report in cache– press the Clean Report button.

Or generate the new report by pressing the New Report button.

There is also an option to report a problem.

EpicTime Issue report

This king of report is available from a particular issue. Click and select the Get Epic Details option – the report will appear in the pop-up window. This report displays EpicTime information about issues included in the parent epic and the epic itself – type of issue, estimated and spent time.

In case your issue is not epic and doesn't have a parent epic – you'll see the following message: