2.1.0 / 2.1.1

  • The new section was added to set the rules of issue displaying for issues without the request type (particularly useful for those who don't utilize the Customer Portal functionality).
    (info) auto-migration of the settings prior to the HelpDesk 2.0 upon update

  • The Request Type field value is now automatically set while creating an issue from a Portal regardless of the field presence on the issue create screen.
  • The ability to copy request types was added.
  • Minor improvements

2.1.2 / 2.1.3


  • Removing values for the fields not presented on the transition screen is fixed.
  • Labels field functioning on the transition screen is fixed.

2.1.4 / 2.1.5


  • Create button work in the create issue screen on portal is fixed.

2.1.6 / 2.1.7


  • General settings: list of Projects selection is fixed.

  • Tabs for projects without access is not displaying with "Hide empty tabs" option.

  • Portals: Created, Updated, Votes and Watchers fields duplication is fixed.

  • Portals and requests translation feature is fixed.

  • My Issues page: Display of filter shrinked with the height of list is fixed.

  • My Issues: Search for Component/s field is fixed.

  • My Issues: Exported file doesn`t contain empty rows anymore when User Picker field filter is used.

  • My Issues: Sorting option visibility is improved.

  • Notifications: Broken attached images in HelpDesk email notifications are fixed.

  • Attaching images using hotkeys on the issue view screen in portal is improved.

  • Attaching images in Comments field on a transition screen using hotkeys is fixed.

  • Actions on the portal behalf of hd-superuser are fixed.

  • Vulnerability protection improvements.

  • Audit Log: Changes in the "Restrict to groups" (Portals) and "Restrict creation to groups" (Request type) fields now can be traced.

  • Audit Log: minor UI improvements.

2.1.8 / 2.1.9

  • Security improvements.