• The lists of reminder queues now contain the next send date (sorting is available), the recurrence rules.
  • A reminder creator is now shown in queues, also the addressee icons are displayed for a better user experience.
  • Minor improvements.
  • The Subject field was deprecated with historical content been moved to the Message field. The notifications subject now uses the standard template: 🕒  Reminder for ISSUE_KEY ISSUE_SUMMARY
  • A new view of the Reminders section in an issue: the next send date, addressee icon, periodicity icon, message preview.



  • The yearly reminder is now available
  • Now users can create reminders not only for every day/week/month but also create reminders for "Every N" days/weeks/months/years, so creating periodic reminders becomes more flexible.


  • Notifications for periodic reminders now contain the information about the next sending. In case this was the last reminder it would also be mentioned.


Fixed bugs

  • The problem with periodic reminders without till date not being sent was fixed.
  • Bug with the "My Reminders" section after the deletion of the issue with a reminder was fixed.



  1. New permissions.
  2. Ability to create reminders for groups(s).
  3. New section "Created by me for others".
  4. Bug fixes.

Dear customers,
Thank you for your interest in your App. We kindly inform you that since December 23, 2019, Reminder for Jira Cloud would become paid for new users; however, existing customers continue to use it for free for 90 days after changes. We are working hard to make it better for you.

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  1. Permissions to create reminders.
  2. My reminders section.
  3. Dashboard gadget with My Reminders.
  4. Bug fixes.