Reminder functionality overview

The Reminder app allows regular Jira user to set their own reminders from any JIRA issue. A reminder is the email with a link to the issue to be automatically sent to Jira users at the specified time and with specified message.

Reminder creation

You can create as many reminders as you'd like to for any issue you have access to.

Creating quick reminders

There are several predefined options available to create quick reminders for yourself only and without messages:

  • Tonight
  • Tomorrow
  • In a week – option means +7 days to the current date and time;
  • In a month – option is the same date the next month.

Creating a reminder from scratch

You can create a reminder "from scratch" by clicking the Reminder button. This option allows you to make reminders for other users and to make the periodical reminders.

To create a new reminder from scratch click on Reminder button at the right panel of issue card and specify the following information:

  • Who – the list of users or a group(s) the reminder should be sent to.
  • When – data and time for the reminder to be sent.
  • Period – periodicity of the reminder sending. The following options are available: OnceEvery dayEvery weekEvery month (from the first sending time). 

  • Subject – optional text to be included in the email.
  • Message – optional text to be included in the email.

The upcoming reminders will be visible in the same issue section. 

Any time you can edit your reminders.

My Reminders section

Navigate to Main menu → My Reminders section to browse and manage your reminders. Includes your own personal reminders, reminders made for you personally by someone else.

My Reminders gadget

Any time you can add gadget with your own personal reminders, reminders made for you personally by someone else.