Note that you may be restricted to use some functionality due to permissions settings (Administrator's Guide).

However, there are several cast-iron rules:

  • A user can manage the reminder created by themselves.
  • A user can manage their personal reminders, no matter if it was created by themselves or by someone else.
  • A user can only browse the reminders made for them as for a group member.

Reminders section location

Check the reminders panel in an issue. Here you can browse and manage issue-related reminders and create new ones. There are two types of reminder creation – quick one and 'from scratch' for more complex settings.

In case you cannot see the panel, look for it in the issue options.

Quick reminders

There are several predefined options available to create quick reminders for yourself only and without messages:

  • Tonight – upcoming midnight
  • Tomorrow – option means +1 day to the current date and time;
  • In a week – option means +7 days to the current date and time;
  • In a month – option is the same date the next month.

A Reminder From Scratch

You can create a reminder "from scratch" by clicking the Reminder button. This option allows you to make reminders for other users and to make the periodical reminders.

Reminder parameters


The list of users the reminder should be sent to. If you are granted the right to create group reminders (check the Admin Guide) you'll be able to select not only users but also user groups in this field.


Periodicity of the reminder being sent. The following options are available: Don't repeat, DailyWeeklyMonthly, Yearly (from the first sending time).

When / Starts on

Date and time for the reminder to be sent (or the first sending time for the recurrent reminders).

For the periodical reminders, you can additionally specify the formula and the end date.


Optional text to be included in the email.

The upcoming issue reminders will be visible in the same section. They are also can be found in the special My Reminders section.