App Installation

At first, the Reminder application should be added to your Jira and enabled. Read how to find, add and manage the Server apps (Atlassian documentation).

After installation the Reminders section will appear in the Administration → Manage Apps menu, Teamlead section. Also, the My Reminders section will be available in a user Profile drop-down menu (check the User's Guide).

Reminders Management

As Jira admin you can do the following:

  • make the user groups assignable for the reminders (this groups will be available for selection in the list of reminder assignees as well as the users);
  • access and manage the list of reminders of all users in Reminders administration menu;
  • create a reminders within the issues like a regular user.

Permission to create group reminders

To make the user groups assignable for the reminders:

  1. Go to Administration → Manage Apps →Reminders;
  2. Choose groups in the field Groups who can create reminders for groups.

The specified groups are now can be selected as the reminder assignee.

Reminders list tabs

The list of reminders is separated to two tabs:

  • Reminder Queue – contains only future reminders created by all system users. As far as the reminder has worked, it disappears from the tab.
  • Reminder Archive – contains the sent reminders.

As Jira Administrator you can browse the reminders information and – for the future reminders only – remove a reminder.

To remove a reminder from the queue:

  • Go to  > Remove

You can also check the relevant issue by following the link in the reminder. You can create a new reminder the same way as a regular user (check the User's Guide).