Optimized filters management:

  • A user can now browse the boards based on a particular filter.
  • A user can now check if a filter was added to favorites by any of the active Jira users.

+ extra check for the related entities on the deletion attempt:


The functionality of duplicate filters search was improved:

  • Starting from this version the app remembers the duplicates search service settings and does not reset them to default upon updates and app reactivating.
  • The search for filters' results is now slower (~2 times) to lower the CPU load. It's still highly recommended to set the service to work during the minimal Jira usage time (for instance, at night).
  • The service is now directly pointed on from the admin section with the latest date of the update being specified.
  • The search algorithm was optimized.


New features

  • Ability to search the particular piece of JQL within filters and subscriptions (available in Admin section only).


  • The app's performance was improved for the great number of existing filters.
  • Filters with warnings ('the value XX does not exist...') are now included in the list of filters with invalid JQL.


  • Error in plugin administration section was fixed.
  • Jira 8.11 compatibility added


  • Link to subscriptions management page was fixed and now works correctly for all Jira 8 minor versions.


  • The number of available trial periods for the app was set to default.


  • Bug with subscription's sections not loading on Jira with Oracle DB was fixed.
  • Minor visual improvements.


New features


Fixed Bugs

  • access to the subscriptions for unauthorized users was restricted
  • search by the Subscriber column is fixed
  • pop-up closing by single "OK" click is fixed
  • the upper panel layout is fixed
  • admin ability to manage the other users' subscriptions is fixed
  • minor bugs fixed


Fixed Bugs

  • bug with admin menu duplication in Jira SD was fixed
  • minor visual improvements


Initial release


Compatibility release


Logo update, minor bugfixes


Minor bugfixes