id in versionMatches("crm")Searches all issues where fields FixVersions or AffectVersion contain 'crm'.

id in NumberOfIssuesMoreEq("JQL", "figure")

For example:

id in NumberOfIssuesMoreEq("type = Bug", "7")

Searches issues by JQL in quotes (here: "type = Bug") and counts their quantity.

If number of issues is less than control figure (here: 7) then the search returns an empty list.

If number of issues equals or is more than control figure, then the search returns the list of all issues appropriate to JQL in quotes.

id in LinkedIssuesByJQL ("JQL", "link type")

For example:

id in LinkedIssuesByJQL ("type = Epic and Status != Closed", "is caused by")

Searches issues linked as "caused by" (this parameter is optional and can be empty) within issues that correspond to JQL in quotes (here: "type = Epic and Status != Closed")