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HelpDesk for JIRA is a simple user interface for the most popular user actions: creating, viewing, editing and commenting issues. All of the HelpDesk's interfaces are friendly and familiar because they look like common Jira interfaces.

The app provides the best way to do support for thousands of external or internal users because they don't need a Jira login permission (like Jira-users members). So, you should have to Jira license just for your support team (aka agents). There is a polite license policy for support needs.


Key highlights:

  • Brand the customer portal with your unique visual style and customize “My task” section. Add your colours, banner, icons, logo.
  • Confluence integration – show relevant articles while creating a ticket and the main information on the Customer Portal
  • Setup SLAs and OLAs
  • Create a new issue from any comment
  • Collect customer satisfaction via email
  • Use similar issues section as a knowledge base for customers and agents and to prevent duplicate issues
  • Select who should see certain comments
  • Use comment template to speed up your support
  • HelpDesk mail handler allows you to create new issues, comment, attachments, and even new HelpDesk users via mail
  • Integrate with CRM for Jira to manage all relationships with your clients - companies, not only support for single customers.

Also, look closely on differences between HelpDesk for Jira and Jira Service Desk functionality.

Customer Portal

Service Level Agreements

Tips&Tricks for agents

Your customer can easily get what they need to do to solve their problem with the clear user-friendly interface.

Set your response time for every action and you will know what you have to do first and your clients will know when will get the answer.

Help your agents to make their work more productive avoiding chores - comments templates, similar issues, creating ticket from a comment and more.