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What is Calendar for JIRA?

  • Calendar for JIRA Cloud helps you plan personal activities, team tasks, vacations and business trips within JIRA Cloud.
  • Create personal, team or project Calendar to plan specific activities and share it with your colleagues.
  • To plan issue just click in the specific days or hours or place existing issue there. 

Why should you use Calendar for JIRA?

  • Calendar lets you view issues in the Month, WeekDay and List.

  • Any user can create an unlimited number of calendars.

  • You can create calendars for different cases: planning a specific project or product, employee, group of employees or the special issue types (such as a vacation or a business trip, or marketing activities).

  • Also you can add to your calendar Quick Filters to highlight certain issues or/and temporarily hiding them on the calendar.

  • You can add new or existing issues to calendar.


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