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After you've installed CRM for JIRA go to CRM Admin menu.

Field type

Field typeDescription
StringThe field to store a single-line text
NumberThe field to store numbers
LinkThe field to store link
DataThe field to store data information
E-mailThe field to store e-mail
CRM CompanyLinks contact to the company in contact's card
CRM ContactsShows all contacts that are linked to the company in the company's card
Directory (soon)

An advanced field type for your Company and Contacts cards.

  1. List. Allows adding a listing field to Company/Contact card.

  2. Table List. Allows adding a table to Company/Contact card to gather information in the table view.

(warning) You need to configure values before adding them. If you add a directory, a new tab for it would be created automatically. If necessary you can define any available tab for it. 


Let's configure contacts first.

Create Tab and click 'Add'. You can create several tabs that will appear in contact's card. (warning) Add Attributes and select one of them to be the title (warning) 


Then do the same with Companies:

(warning) Add Attributes and select one of them to be the title (warning)  Only String type attribute can be the title. After adding attributes there will be no possibility to edit them, you can only delete and create new.

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